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End of Regular Season Predictions

July 15, 2015

Yeah so it’s going to finish:

Playoff Berths

1. Curacao

2. Slumpy

3. Shagsters

4. Mendoza

5. Nookie

6. Frodo

Coach Bracket

7. Dutch Boy

8. Assclowns

9. Coach


11. Saget

12. Cash Bail



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  1. Shaggy permalink

    Surprised by two predictions:
    1) Mendoza only finishing 4th
    2) Frodo making the playoffs. Did you do this so he won’t make moves to fix his team? That should be a bye week for the 3rd place team…

    • Outside the top-4 there’s not a lot of quality. From a skills perspective, Nookie (for obvious unstated reason) and Frodo are the best managers of those legitimately in contention. (Neither Saget nor Assclowns IMO is not in contention. Saget has wrecked his team and Assclowns are coming from too far back.)

      Now that may be a bit like anointing Frodo the tallest hobbit, but somebody has to finish 6th.

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