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Is Your Team Ready?

July 17, 2015

With seven weeks to go, is your team ready to grab a playoff spot and make a run at the championship? If not, this is last call. The trade deadline is four weeks away, but there’s limited upward mobility the longer you wait–it’s not just how many games you need to make up to move up, it’s how many teams you need to pass.

If you don’t think your team has what it takes, go get what it takes.

Extra Bags, Blog Farewell Shout-Out Edition: For the second time in two years, Hercules and the Umpire has closed its doors, this time unfortunately, perhaps for good. It’s not directly about Hercules or umpires, but is the musings of a sitting US Federal Court Senior Judge for the district of Nebraska. For real. Judge Richard George Kopf would opine and interact with readers on the law, the judiciary, issues of the day, anything really. How fucking remarkable is that? It was like a no-holds-barred blog from an MLB GM.

I really admired (and sometimes copied) Judge Kopf’s writing style. Here’s what Hizzoner wrote the first time he shut the blog down:

Just like other old men suffering from erectile dysfunction, on January 1, 2014, I decided to quit trying rather than looking for a magic pill. So, I shut down this blog. Comments were to remain active for seven days, and then quit as well. I intend to maintain the blog on life support as an archive. After hearing that, Joan, my wife, asked whether that was my homage to myself. What a bitch.


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