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Barry Bonds Walks.

July 23, 2015

Tuesday came and went, and with it the US Dept. of Justice let its appeal period expire in the case against Barry Bonds. The Feds could have asked the US Supreme Court to review the Ninth Circuit’s ruling that the evasive answer Bonds gave to a grand jury was not a material obstruction of justice.

A few points:

1) The Supreme Court was highly unlikely to take the case anyway. The high court agrees to hear less than 1% of cases submitted to it, and the cases it does take usually have something to do with the US Constitution. This was a did-he-or-didn’t-he deal, without an obvious avenue for the left-leaning Court to use the case for its own agenda.

2) As with so many other cases, the Feds ultimately didn’t come after Bonds with what they thought he did (steroids). They tried to backdoor it with “obstruction of justice”. This technique worked against Martha Stewart. It’s an old trick–Al Capone of course didn’t go to jail for murder or even running organised crime… he was busted for tax evasion. This desk wishes the Feds would stop using such shenanigans.

3) This does absolutely nothing to help Bonds get into the Hall of Fame.

4) Opinions on the steroid cases, whether suspected players actually ever tested positive or not, are not changing.

Extra Bags, The Tour’s Over Edition: Sports Trips occasionally get out of hand and return flights get missed. I tagged along on a rugby trip to Trinidad and not only did we miss the scheduled flight back to Curacao but one guy I was travelling with screwed even more up: he managed to not only miss the meeting point of a christmas parcel exchange with someone who’d flown in from Scotland, he also succeeded in losing the parcels he brought.

I can’t help but think it all would have gone better if we’d enlisted the police. Here’s the story of two lost Mexican rugby players who got a police escort to make their flight home from Toronto (no, they wren’t flying Trump Shuttle):



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