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Which Team are You?

July 25, 2015

We notice that GCBL teams take on the personalities of MLB counterparts.

For instance:

Assclowns: Indians. Team always looks better on paper than it performs.

Burger: Red Sox. Occasionally wins some, usually disappoints. Wishes he was the Yankees.

Cash Bail: Nats. New team. High expectations. Growing pains.

Coach: Mariners. Just kind of out there on the coast by himself. Occasional pre-season hype, never delivers.

Curacao: Cardinals. Does things the Cardinal Way. Regular season wizards, spotty playoff performers.

Dutch Boy: Phillies. Lives in fear of making a trade. Pretty bad.

Frodo: Twins. A loaf of bread. Sometimes you’re interested in bread. Mostly just filler.

Jose: Brewers. Avoided contraction for many years by virtue of being related to Commissioner.

Mendoza: Giants. Hangs around, wins disproportionate number of Championnships.

Nookie: Springfield Cardinals.

Saget: Snakes. Nobody can make any sense of what the front office is doing. Ritalin would likely help.

Shaggy: Tigers. Big signings, big trades, usually comes up short.

Slumpy: Royals. Has stuff figured out. Under the radar.


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  1. Steven permalink

    I would say CL is more the Braves. Great regular season crappy playoffs.

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