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Pedro Alvarez for Yunel Escobar

July 29, 2015

Dutch Boy gives: Pedro Alvarez

Cash Bail gives: Yunel Escobar

This one’s interesting because the winner of the deal is the owner whose fantasy player gets more real life playing time going forward.

The Buccos hate Pedro. They hated his glove at third last year so much they sent him down to learn first. Now they hate his glove at first. Although he leads the team in HR, they don’t like his bat either. They haven’t let him hit higher than sixth all year because of a bad K-rate… and it’s so bad against lefties they try to sit him altogether. He’s still in the lineup, mostly, but that could change once Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer come back from injury and need AB on the other side of the infield. Making matters worse for Pedro is that Gregory Polanco is starting to figure lefties out, so he’ll start playing every day–which means the bench bats like Sean Rodriguez won’t be getting cycled through right field anymore, just through first.

Pedro’s future in MLB is as an Adam Dunn-type AL DH and emergency first baseman. .240, 30 HR in a good year, and three- and four-pitch punchouts aplenty. But this is a redraft league, our future is the next eight weeks, and Pedro’s going to lose time.

Yunel Escobar seems to be in a better spot at least for now. He’s getting every day AB at third, and is having himself a nice year (.319/.368/.421 for OPS .789). The Nationals don’t hate him.

But he is Yunel Escobar and he only has five HR and one SB on the year. Players are streaming back from injury (Rendon, Zimmerman the hitter, and Werth in the last week) and with the need to get everybody AB as well as Danny Espinosa (10 HR, .740 OPS in 296 AB) things could end up in a timeshare. Bizarrely, the Nats continue to run Ian Desmond out there every day despite a .631 OPS and an arm that’s a constant danger to the popcorn vendors. Rendon’s OBP is up to .374 so he’s getting it going–so the smart play is Espinosa at short and leaving Escobar in at third, but the Nats have always done shit we don’t understand.

Dutch Boy might have won this deal, but it won’t be decided on the field–it’ll be decided in the manager’s office where lineup cards are made.


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