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An idea for next year: Flexible Scheduling

August 30, 2015

We kind of got lucky this year: the teams on the playoff bubble are playing each other down the stretch. This means that the teams that have quit, like Frodo, don’t unduly influence who makes the playoffs.

What if we did that every year?

Formulas can be tweaked but here’s a starting point for discussion:

Flexible Scheduling would affect the last three weeks of the season only. Once there are three weeks to go…

Teams 5-8 would play a three week round-robin

Teams 9-14  would play games among themselves

Teams 1-4 would play two games among themselves and one game against a bad team (what does Copper call those? Arse feeders?). The game against the bad team is designed to try to stop making fifth place more attractive than fourth

I think this would make for a lot of good matchups to finish out the regular season. Teams at the top would be interested. (My finishing schedule is not so interesting this year.) Teams 5-8 would be fighting for their lives. If lower teams have not Frodoed their seasons, they can try to get hotter than hell and charge into sixth.

Think about it.


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