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The Last Chance Saloon

August 31, 2015


Four Teams for two spots. 

Team, games to sixth, final opponent

Shagsters, -2, Curacao

Mendoza, –, Slumpy

Nookie, 1, Saget

Saget, 1, Nookie

Three things to note:

1) Remember we learned in the auction league last year that the tiebreaker at the end of the regular season is Final Week  Performance. So any ties break in the following priority: 1. Nookie; 2. Saget; 3. Mendoza; 4. Shaggy. Nookie beats Saget on a countback to the second last week.

2) Nookie and Saget play each other which is both a blessing and a curse to all four teams. It’s very unlikely that Nookie and Saget would both make the playoffs as one rates to lose. Now we can construct a situation where both get in (Nookie and Saget play to close to 7-7 and Shaggy and Mendoza both get humped) but it seems unlikely. On a more upbeat note, whoever wins the Nookie-Saget head-to-head is likely in, as either Shaggy or Mendoza get passed.

3) The farther up the standings you go, the harder the matchups get. While Nookie and Saget see each other, Mendoza gets’s third-placed Slumpy. Third-place Slumpy is a slumping Slumpy–DAVID kicked his arse last week to punch his own playoff ticket, but Mendoza’s been struggling himself the last month and has to be the dog here. Shaggy has to contend with your humble correspondent. I’ll probably lose a category to Shaggy, but since I haven’t lost any categories the last couple weeks, I may not lose so many.

Who do you want to be in this situation? Well, I’d want to be Nookie, because I probably am. But arguments can be made for and against all comers. Drink up, Son, head out in the night: it’s just about closing time.


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  1. Copper permalink

    I tend to agree although I would have squeaked by Slumpy last week if we were playing each other.

    I do think the prospects of a Burger or Shaggy beatdown is better than average though.

    • Too many people have to do too well for DAVID to miss the playoffs, I think.
      Not just the distance to the line, but the traffic.
      Plus he won last week.

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