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Best Fans in Baseball thank Jason Heyward for Memories

December 11, 2015

According to Ken Rosenthal, Heyward turned down $200M in St. Louis to go to the Cubbies for $184M.

Sources: #Nationals bid $200M for Heyward. Another team, believed to be#STLCards, also was at $200M. Heyward took less to play for #Cubs.

— Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) December 11, 2015

So Cardinal fans reached out on Twitter to thank Heyward for his time in St. Louis. Classy. Via Deadspin:

Fuck you jason heyward fucking trader!!!! Faggot!!

— TAGMYTANNERPP (@Jamesdagoat) December 11, 2015


@JasonHeyward Hey fuck you I hope you tear an acl or something you pussy fuck. #Cespedes#Cueto

— DA BULLS (@Jay___Wimberly5) December 11, 2015


@JasonHeyward you disloyal fuck

— Saint Nico Claus (@Big__Nico) December 11, 2015


Fuck you Jason heyward you little pussy. You wanted too much money and we’re better without you anyways. #randalgrichuk #2016allstar

— Adam Dazey (@adazey) December 11, 2015


fuckin twat ! fuck off judas heyward

— Waino is Bueno (@Barneyrme) December 11, 2015


Go fuck your own asshole with a cactus you bitch ass bitch @JasonHeyward

— ™ (@Tmoser5) December 11, 2015


@JasonHeyward fuck you..fuck your family,fuck your ugly girl..your a backstabbing greedy traitor bitch..enjoy bein in that toliet you pussy.

— jeremy dee (@ChitownNSession) December 11, 2015


@JasonHeyward change your god damn picture and header cock sucker

— Colby Perry (@freshoutdawee) December 11, 2015




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