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Draft Pick Trade, Part 1: What We Traded, and Why Shaggy Won the Deal

January 7, 2016

Curacao gives picks in Rounds: 1,2,3,26,27,28,29,30

Shaggy gives picks in Rounds: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

No negotiations. I offered Shaggy either side and this year he took the studs. Last year on a similar offer he took the mid-rounders.

Since I let him pick either side here, I tried to set this deal up to be as even as possible. So if I now turn around and claim either side “won”, that’s probably horseshit.  But here in Part 1 I’ll tell you why Shaggy won, and in Part 2 I’ll tell you why I won. If either side of the argument makes better sense to you, then either I’m a poor litigator of argument or the deal really was somehow uneven to start.

Why Shaggy won: Look at the components. Consider that any pick after Round 25 is pretty worthless, no better than a waiver equivalent really. (If you do think they’re useful, then Shaggy won by even more. But suppose not.) What did he give up? What did he get?

A 4, 5, and 6 to get a 1. Many people would do that.

A 7, 8, and 9 to get a 2. Even more people would do that.

A 10 and an 11 to get a 3. Everybody would do that. (Disagree? If you’d like to give me your 3 for a 10 and 11, CALL ME.)

The other reason Shaggy won is that extra high-round picks, and the names they become, suit his playing style. True story: I threw on my jacket late on Friday evening last year and Svetlana looked up from her book to ask where I was going. I explained I was meeting Shaggy, as he was passing through town on his way to, of all places, Nepal. “Shaggy likes to trade baseball players!”, Svetlana blurted confidently.

He does. And it’s much, much easier to do deals in this league if you’re giving up the best guy. And Shaggy’s gone from three great trade chips to six. A little well-placed propaganda in the league chatbox about how Michael Brantley’s going 40/40 and he’ll be able to trade a guy with a broken back for half a dozen useful players.

Next time: why I won this deal.





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One Comment
  1. Shaggy permalink

    Haven’t read the blog in a long time…I have some reading to do. Basically I used no logic other than I wanted to trade top guys this year and see how it goes. Zero analysis, just went for it. Kind of off since last year the deal was the same except this year the lower end has 4-11 instead of 4-10 which I took last year. Basically I ensured the two year total had me losing. But maybe I will just pick all KC or Toronto guys with my first 6 picks.

    In another thought…I kind of think a deal like this benefits both sides because we both know where we are dealing from while the rest of the league is trying to understand their team. You will know you are loaded depth wise and your knowledge of more players and fantasy baseball in general sets you up to gain a lot of value later. Meanwhile I don’t do any research and will instead depend on my ability to build a team through trade. We have everybody else between me and you, and also have each other as ideal trade partners while the rest of the league has average depth/top end and will have a hard time deciding who they can move,

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