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Decisions: Pederson or Puig?

January 14, 2016


OK so it’s the third or fourth round, you can see yourself getting a young OF…why not a Dodger? Why not one of these guys? OK, which one?

I think you do want one and it doesn’t matter which. The key is not to be spooked by red flags and just grab one. You’ll be glad you did.

About those warning flags: Pederson fell off a cliff after a sizzling spring whiffing far too often, and he never ran as much in the majors as he did coming up. That’s OK, he’ll adjust. And if he has Matt Holliday’s career instead of Hunter Pence’s that’s fine too.

Puig was hampered by injuries last year and didn’t get along with departed manager Don Mattingly. That’s OK. He’s had the winter to heal up and now has a skipper who doesn’t demand the psychotic intensity he himself displays.

The point is that it’d be nuts to take either one of these guys in the first round, because you don’t have to, but if either put up first-round value at season’s end as a fourth-round pick, would you really be shocked? I wouldn’t. Each had at least part of a disappointing 2015, but both have been hyped forever and have shown huge talent. Kind of like…

Some guy:

2013, went first round: 424 AB, 20 HR, 11 SB

2014, went second round: 352 AB, 13 HR, 2 SB

2015, went third round: 521 AB, 42 HR, 6 SB, .460 OBP

Oh, shit, Bryce Harper. Yeah, I think I read about him once or twice before 2015. Bad attitude, doesn’t run out grounders, dogs it in the field, strikes out too much. But supposedly talented.




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