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So the Orioles paid Crush Davis Too Much.

January 19, 2016

4817.jpg     The man himself.

Excuses flood the media on this one: some of the money is deferred; this is a signal to Manny Machado that they will make him rich next winter and continue to keep the band together; this is allegedly an off-budget move by owner Peter Angelos that won’t affect the amount of money the real front office has to spend.


The Orioles were bidding against themselves past 3 years and $60 million. Scott Boras filled the Orioles’ heads with the Mystery Team who was going to give Davis $200 million, and the Orioles got played.

Here’s a comparison that’s cause for concern:

Chris Davis, age 27-29: 12% BB, 31% K, 0.292 ISO, 28% HR/fly, 4% Infield Fly

Ryan Howard, age 27-29: 13% BB, 29% K, .299 ISO, 29% HR/fly, 2% Infield Fly

[ISO is Isolated Power: (total bases – hits)/AB. Basically big-boy-pants version of slugging percentage where a single doesn’t do dick.]

Pretty similar numbers.

And those numbers are great… until you recall that the Phillies gave Ryan Howard a huge contract and he’s been an untradeable bust.

There’s no reason to think the Orioles will do much better–and even if Chris Davis > Ryan Howard in their 30s by some distance, the Orioles might have still paid too much.

And Justin Upton is still out there (though reportedly close to a deal in Motown).

TheOrioles were suckers. At least Crush can afford lots of Adderall.

Extra Bags, Star Wars/SNL Edition: I heel like they made the new Star Wars movie just for me. It wasn’t perfect (the girl, Rey, is ridiculous) but it made me love Star Wars again. Episode 1 was bad, and Episode 2 was so bad I never went to Episode 3 and have only seen bits. Anyway, I loved the new one so much that a tear of joy crossed my face when the Rebels were dryly plotting a way into Starkiller Base.

I’ve also given up on Saturday Night Live, as has, I think, everyone I know aged 19-99. No idea why that’s still on the air nor who the hell watches it. But i was sent the video linked below which is actually funny.The premise is that Kylo Ren is participating as an Undercover Boss on Starkiller Base. (If you haven’t seen the new movie, Kylo Ren is basically the new Darth Vader, and Starkiller Base is the new Death Star.)







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