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Is Justin Upton a Cancer or Something? We doubt it…

January 25, 2016

6809.jpg     Cespedes, for the rest of us! (Jerry Seinfeld on Twitter, via Mendoza.)

So the Mets overpaid Yoenis Cespedes (3/$75M, and another opt-out clause… this time after Year One) and this desk is wholly confused. Why didn’t the Mets or the Orioles, who overpaid for Crush Davis (7/$161M, half deferred), or the Cards who offered Jason Heyward all kinds of money, beat the Tigers’ offer to Justin Upton?

Upton ( 6/$132M) is two years younger than both those other guys (if Cespedes is indeed only 30), a better defender in the outfield, and should steal 75+ bags over the life of the deal assuming he too doesn’t opt-out after Year 2.

Unless there’s a secret clause in Justin’s contract that forces the Tigers to trade for and play his lousy brother, the Tigers got the best player at the lowest Average Annual Value in the top-tier of hitters.

So is Justin Upton, you know, a jerk? Or any more of a jerk than anybody else? We have no reason to think so.

I’m not sure if this deal is good business for the Tigers, but it certainly seems like better-business than what anybody else is doing at the top-end of the market.

The Royals won the World Series but the AL Central remains wide open this year. If the pieces from the Price trade come through, the Tigers should be the favourites.


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  1. Copper permalink

    Tigers made the best deal…they ditched Fielder at the right time and Kinsler was cheaper, let Fister go before he was toast. Got a haul on Price.

    They might be one of the smarter clubs out there.

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