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Yahoo Shaken Down by Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

January 29, 2016


In the casino in the hotel where I lived on Curacao, I, along with 300 other people, saw a mobster gutted like a fish by a guy with a machete. The killer was pissed off that the mobster did something to the killer’s sister. As they stretchered his lifeless body out, the DJ cued up that Jim Croce 70s hit…

Well the South Side of Chicago, is the Baddest Part of Town

And if you go down there, you better just beware of a man named Leroy Brown.

Now Leroy, more than trouble, you see he stands about six-foot-four

All the downtown ladies call him “Treetop Lover”–all the men just call him “Sir”…

Now it seems old Leroy paid the Yahoo offices a visit before he got his arse kicked, as Southside Boy Chris Sale is #25 in their preseason rankings, ahead of Jake Arrieta, #28.

This of course makes no sense. People actually playing for money are betting with their wallets, too: NFBC ADP showing Arrieta almost a full round ahead of Sale, and Arrieta going as high as #8 overall.

Both Sale and Arrieta had otherworldly peripherals last year, with Arrieta’s usually better. Consider then that last year Arrieta had 22 wins to Sale’s 13. Looking forward, Arrieta should be on the team that wins more games this year. Arrieta pitches in the NL, which means he gets to throw against pitchers now and then. Neither pitcher has had huge injury issues, but Sale missed a month in 2014 with elbow crankiness which makes him the slightly riskier play.

Neither pitcher is a disaster, but Arrieta is a late first-/early second-round guy behind only Kershaw and possibly Scherzer among pitchers. Sale is late second-/third-/fourth-round material behind all those guys in a take-your-pick bunch with Mad Bum, King Felix, Harvey, De Grom, and anyone else you’re personally hot for (Cole-45? Price? Kluber? Keuchel? Carrasco?)

Sale could be the 10th pitcher off the board and that’s perfectly justifiable scenario. Arrieta? Um, no.

But Yahoo doesn’t get it.

Yahoo, incidentally, has always had a lot of Southside writers and contributors. The bias is on full display here.

Make your own preseason rankings. Fuck Yahoo.



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