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Mailbag: Hyun Soo Kim

January 30, 2016

8631.jpg     The man himself.

Hi CL,

Any insight on Hyun Soo Kim, the potential Orioles starting LF?…..I know he can eat a poodle with the best of them, but is he major league ready ballplayer like suggests

signed…a Koncerned Korean

Dear Animal Lover,

Well, the upside is that his triple slash was .326/.438/.541 in Korea last year and that he had great discipline (63/101 K/BB).

The giveaway on downside is that he signed very cheap: 2/$7M, and there wre no posting fees so that’s the beginning and end of the Orioles’ investment.

KBO parks are insanely hitter friendly (Jung-Ho Kang hit 40 bombs the year before he came to Pittsburgh) and the pitching is high-minors at best.

How much credit MLB umpires will give the rookie –any rookie– for plate discipline remains to be seen.

Past the 20th round he’s certainly worth a shot, but let’s be honest here: before Kang, who was the last useful fantasy hitter to come out of Asia? Nori Aoki in 2012? And before him? He’s got more upside than anybody else kicking around the Orioles’ corner spots (Jimmy Paredes, Daniel Alvarez, Nolan Reimold…) but in our 4OF league there’s no rush. If he’s there around pick #300, great. Pick #200 feels like a reach.

Thanks for writing,




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  1. elramaba permalink

    I also think his name is pronounced…”yu suk him”

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