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Saget writes…

February 3, 2016

Hi CL,

So a frequent, um, partner (trade partner!) asked me if I had any wild strategies this year or wanted to swap any picks.

Nothing yet. It looks like Saves “only” is in play, so this weekend, I am going to visit Closer Monkey (an actual website); I’m going to check out the depth charts on and; and review my Athlon/fantasy magazines and make a chart and then mock draft where I would draft closers based on my current position in the draft. [Jose has a fantasy magazine from 2008 he still uses every year. I bet he’ll lend it to you.–Ed.]

Then I am going to back fill starting pitchers and then start “mocking” my hitters or who I really want and then I will start making offers to move up/down.

My crazy ideas the past few years have not worked, so I will study the rosters of the last few champions and runners up and see what the hell they did and then copy them. [I suppose it’d be way too racist to say “How Asian of you”, so I won’t.–Ed.]

In short, nothing yet (trade offers-draft picks) until after this weekend. I’m gonna have to science the shit of my mock sheets.

Bye for now,



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