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BAD DOG! (But enough about Saget’s dinner…)

February 9, 2016

Saget and Shaggy recently completed a draft pick trade with Saget moving up from #8 to #4 and #36 to #32, and Shaggy moving a couple picks just inside the top 150 from three rounds further back. We asked each for comment and they dutifully responded.


“I did it because I felt I could use a high draft pick to improve my depth, while still keeping a 1st rounder. I really liked Donaldson at 4 but there are also some guys I like that may be there at 8. I also think it helps having 2 picks so close together in the 1st round, knowing what will be there for my 2nd pick makes the 1st one a little easier.

I didn’t really do much shopping of the #4 pick. I don’t feel most of the league is into February draft pick trades. And they are usually pretty hard to work out.

“I don’t know if I would snag Kershaw at 8 or not. I think it’s more likely I would hope he falls to 10 and snag him there. Then again I really like some bats at the end of the first round so I may not use one of my bullets on a pitcher that early.”

Mendoza hot take: “Shaggy couldn’t get what he wanted from [Dutch Boy and DAVID] at #5 and #6 for Donaldson, but it could be OK. Shaggy now figures BOTH Donaldson and Bautista will be gone by #6, which means the guy Shaggy would have taken at #4, whoever that was, will either slip to him at #8 anyway, or someone else will slip.


I’m sitting in the ER with a bunch of wires and shit coming into and out of me….Sharp abdominal pains and pissing blood…probably a kidney stone or [the neighbours’ labradoodle]….learn from Saget. …drink more water damn it…..

“On to more important shit….I want Manny Machado at 4 because he is young, he steals bases,  hitters park and his dual position eligibility at 3B and SS. He played 162 games last year and G.Stanton has been great but injury prone. I’m targeting another young stud at #32. The picks I moved down from I mocked out comparable players at the same position, so f*ck it.Plus I got my trade on with shagstera.”

Mendoza hot take:Wow, if I can’t beat Saget in the basketball league THIS week, I really am becoming Murray.


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  1. Copper permalink

    I feel for ya Saget. Kidney stones are no picnic. Pissed an 11 mm one a few years ago after 2 procedures for stints and stuff. No fun.

    • If you’ve still got that picture I’ll post it.
      Saget wrote again, says his is 5 mm. Smaller than yours but the process is likely equally arduous because Asians have smaller penises….

  2. Shaggy permalink

    I never even had a conversation with #5 or #7, and the conversation with Dave was short. The only issue with the trade is that I was hoping for Machado at 8 but I think the first 7 picks will go as follows:
    1) Trout
    2) Goldy
    3) Harper
    4) Machado
    5) Donaldson
    6) Stanton
    7) Cutch

    This leaves me with options like Cabrera, Rizzo, Bautista, Correa…or Kershaw. If I stayed at 4 Donaldson was my choice…but I am pretty comfortable with the other choices too. Maybe go Correa/Altuve at 8/10 or Cabrera/Kershaw or Rizzo/Bryant. At least with these picks I can set myself up knowing I’m getting 2 out of 3 guys at that point so can set my roster nicely to start.

    • I don’t understand why Trout is so consensus #1. And he is. But his SB totals are dropping and if he isn’t running why isn’t Goldschmidt ***the*** pick? Goldy runs some and plays a position where he’s less likely to get hurt–and he plays the infield.

      I’m not saying you necessarily think Trout is ahead of goldy, Shaggy.. I’m just not sure why anybody has him ahead of Goldy.

      For sure you have options at #8/#10 and with two picks you can afford to take a risk (Correa). But whatever yopu do it’ll really shape your team. I’d be all over Kershaw like Oprah on a baked ham.

      • Copper permalink

        For me it’s a toss up but I can’t really go wrong.

        Trout says he’s gonna run more this year which is great but again this increases the injury risk.

        To tell you the truth, at this point my mocks have looked much better with Goldy.

      • Shaggy permalink

        I would rather have Goldy than Trout to be honest as well. And Harper I think will be right there with Trout. I also think it’s possible that Harper goes #2. I’m still pretty confident that the top 7 will go in that order though. I could have huge upside with Cabrera and Correa at 8/10 though. But being me…I won’t know who I want until the draft and there is usually a surprise in the top half of the first round. I also think the Yahoo rankings are shit up top (and down bottom and everywhere in between) which will help my cause because guys ranked 10-20 on yahoo may be top 10 for me and half the league goes based on the “preseason rank” which I think will be the exact same as “o-rank”.

      • Isn’t Miggy too old/broken to go in first round?

      • Shaggy permalink

        Guaranteed he is gone in our first round (14 picks) and he could put up the best numbers in the league. I’m scared of him at 8, but if he gets 500 AB and is in the lineup through September I’m happy to have him.

  3. elramaba permalink

    Thanks you crazy bastards. …urologist appointment friday…..electroshock therapy pending…..maybe I will text photos of the “burn” marks after the procedure….my wife is a nurse, she said the “sound waves” to break up with be stones is half true….they generate the sound waves by shocking the shit out of you ( I will under courtesy of michael jackson juice…..propofol”

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