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Curacao/Nookie to the Rescue

February 10, 2016

Nookie Monster.jpg

One of the league’s best features is that there’s always a trade market to fix your team and fix your plans. Curacao/Nookie provide custom solutions when things don’t quite shake out the way you anticipate.

Blame it on the Blog (the Blog gets blamed for lots of shit, but you’ll note we still haven’t published that hot photo of Mrs. Saget) but Shaggy read it right here–his plan was too clever by half.

Shaggy traded down from #4 to #8 because he thought his guy, Manny Machado, would be there at #8. Saget gave it up to the blog that Machado was his target too, and surely had to be there at #4 behind some permutation of (Goldschmidt, Trout, Harper).

In that sense, we did Shaggy a favour: better to find out Machado (SS-eligible in Yahoo, somehow) was never, ever getting to him now, than to be left with his bird in his hand and no orange bird on his roster at the draft. So in a change of heart, Shaggy wanted out of the first round.

But who would help him? Ciuracao/Nookie of course. Mendoza’s a notorious tire-kicker, Saget got Shaggy into this mess in the first place, and there aren’t many others who want to trade draft picks. So Curacao/Nookie gave Shaggy fair market value and loaded him up with mid-round picks.

All this comes of course with our Plausible Deniability Guarantee*. Curacao/Nookie maintains several, separate e-mail addresses and replies with different cadences and punctuations so you can convince yourself you’re dealing with two different people.

Having Curacao/Nookie as a market-maker just makes the league better. You can try a fancy strategy and if it works, that’s awesome. If it doesn’t work, Curacao/Nookie will seamlessly bail you out so you can come up with your next great strategy.

Get in touch anytime, all season long.


*Plausible Deniability Guarantee valid in Canada and contiguous 48 states only. Some restrictions apply. Void in the province in Quebec (will those cocksuckers please hurry up and separate?). Void where prohibited. Void for DAVID.




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