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Flannery. Tim Flannery.

February 12, 2016

I don’t know if we have any Bridge players in the audience but the Flannery bidding convention is a wonderful thing. If you don’t know it, look it up. You can say so much with just one bid, “two diamonds”.

“Two diamonds” is 12 characters, including the space. Ex-Padre, ex-padre coach, and retired Giants coach Tim Flannery used far more than 140 characters to go off on Padre fans on Twitter.

Flannery played for the Padres’ ’84 pennant winner, and coached the ’98 pennant winner under Bruce Bochy. When Bochy went to the Giants, Flannery wound up there too, earning some World Series rings coaching third. The Padre fanbase is not amused and let’s Flannery have it regularly. So @timflannery2 finally took the bait (unedited):


or. you know:



Tim signs off with:

“Last time, don’t get on me. I fought for it, what did you all do except reach out long distance , leave me be.”

Extra Bags, Linguistic edition: I’m petitioning for Flannery to play in GCBL next year simply because he used the often-Canadian-style word ‘arse’.


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