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Jays Fantasy Mailbag

March 6, 2016

Hi CL,

1) Is it me?…or does Goins suck ass and Darwin Barney kicked ass last year before he got in jured…why is Goins on the top of the depth chart at 2B?

2) Is Smoak/Colabello a viable platoon or will one run away with the job?…any prospects that will knock these bastards out of a job?

3) Personally, I think the Blue Jays will go all in and trade for a bat at some point in the season


Hi Saget,

I’ll defer to the multitude of Jays homers in the league who follow the team more closely than I do, but here are my thoughts to get things started:

Goins: He wasn’t nearly as bad as you remember, and the midseason adjustment he made with his hand positioning and letting the ball travel deeper made him serviceable at the plate for a plus-glove 2B.

Ryan Goins, 2H:  188 AB, .277, 3 HR, 2 SB, .365 OBP , .754 OPS

Barney’s glove is probably better but he’s a black hole at the plate. Unrosterable.

The Hardcore fanbase is waiting for the return of Devon Travis or Travis Devon or whatever the fuck his name is, who had a really hot April before freaky injuries started coming thick and fast.

Smoak/Colabello: I’m not sure how much of a job there is to be had. Assuming E-5 and Bautista aren’t moved, E-5 will be playing 1B a couple days a week to let Russell Martin DH on the days he’s not catching, and to let Bautista DH, say, once every 10 games. E-5 59 starts at 1B last year; Bautista 33 starts at DH last year when he was dealing with his aches and pains.

So even if one of Smoak or Colabello “runs away with it”, they may only be running away with 70% of 400 AB. If I was guessing, Colabello seems preferred despite being RHB-only, but I wouldn’t take either one. If you do take one, the fantasy platoon isn’t the other guy, it’s a LHB like Adam Lind of Pedro Alvarez (assuming Alvarez is employed) on another team where you just hope somebody’s in the lineup every day.

On the Jays picking up another bat: Alvarez makes a ton of sense. Jays might do that, of course, but I think the need for the Jays this year is starting pitching. Sadly, they don’t seem to understand how to manage their pitching situation–they’re actually considering not starting Aaron Sanchez in the bigs! Estrada was stupid overpaid for a season where he outpitched his peripherals, and clowns like Gavin Floyd, Roberto Hernandez, and Drew Hutchison are somehow in the discussion for the fifth job.


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