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Mendoza hidden angle: Sightlines

March 7, 2016


Many years ago somebody made the mistake of allowing me to babysit their children. Things were going OK when they decided to go downstairs for a minute to get some videotape or whatever when the four year old started screaming horribly from the basement…”MY EYES! OH, NO! MY EYES! WHERE ARE MY EYES? AAAHHHH!!!”

I hobbled down to the basement as fast as I could to see the ten year old laughing his hole off as the younger one screamed. The younger one was howling about her eyes only because the older one decided to tell her she didn’t have any. I then set about trying to reason with the four year old, asking her if she could see me while I beat the piss out of her brother.

In a similar vein, Mendoza is drawn like a moth to a flame by players who have had corrective action take on their eyes. Makes sense: if you can’t see it, you can’t hit it. This all started with somebody years ago –Nick Johnson, was it?– but anyway as a service to Mendoza we’ll start keeping track of offseason optical action.

So far:

Wilson Ramos: LASIK surgery

Tommy Pham: New contacts

Pablo Sandoval: LASIK Surgery

Brian McCann: New contacts

Evan Gattis: Eye surgery

Jonathan Schoop: Eye Surgery


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One Comment
  1. Copper permalink

    The secrets out again? Jesus everyone who didn’t hear about it last year will know now!!!

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