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Notes from The Day Before

March 19, 2016

From Saget:I’m in the woods with the f*cking boy scouts camping sucks) but will be at home for draft…..

Seems they were out whitewater rafting with the kids and the raft started to break up. Scoutmaster Saget spotted a bend in the river, pointed, and shouted “Save the kids!”

His assistant scoutmaster, the business tycoon, jumped off and swam, screaming “Every man for himself! Fuck the kids!”

His other assistant scoutmaster, the priest, was shocked. “Fuck the kids? Do we have time?”

Mendoza doesn’t think Machado will get to him at 1.04 even if Saget opts for Harper. (This desk has a *cough* strong feeling Mendoza’s right–Nookie looks like taking Machado 1.03 if available.) So Mendoza is playing with Kershaw and infield combinations, trying to figure out which one sets up the most options at 3.12 and the 4/5 turn.

Mendoza was as shocked as we were seeing how far pitching fell in the short-season league Monday night.

Shaggy is going to let the rest of his draft shake out after two triplets of best-guy-available at 19-21-25 and 45-46-47. This desk has an informal psychological study going to see if Shaggy can bring himself to go hitter-hitter-hitter with either triplet, even if that’s the logical play.

Dutch Boy  appears to the the big winner from Saget’s swerve in strategy. If Saget goes Harper, Dutch Boy is them assured to get one of {Trout, Goldy, Machado, Donaldon}, almost certainly Goldy or Donaldson–a nice haul at 1.05.

DAVID  is exhibiting even more paranoia and venom than usual.

Everyone else is lurking on the site steady but somehow afraid to pipe up unless spoken to. It’s like they’re afraid of incurring DAVID’s wrath. I wish Mendoza would have a word.


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  1. Shaggy permalink

    Hitter-hitter-hitter then pitcher-pitcher-pitcher

    • Arrieta would tempt the shit out of me at 25.
      Or Scherzer, who for some bizarre reason is ranked ahead of Arrieta on all the so-called-expert lists.

  2. 85DowntheCrow permalink

    I can’t talk about what we’re doing because we do next to zero prep. We wing shit. Here’s the sum total of pre draft discussion between the two of us on team Crow:

    Two weeks ago
    ” You like Sale if we take a pitcher?”
    ” Sure”

    ” Sale’s being a bitch about having teen boys in the clubhouse. I don’t want to touch that”
    ” 100 foot pole”

    So we aren’t taking Sale. The rest of our strategy will unfold as the evening progresses.

    • Shaggy permalink

      My strategy usually involves hanging out in the Mystery Machine with Scooby and printing off the rankings from USA Today. Cross off names and pick somebody close.

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