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Curacao Questionnaire Answers

March 24, 2016


1. Did your own draft play out the way you wanted it to?

Better than expected actually. I didn’t expect to get a crack at a 1B at #18 (Encarnacion) nor a shot at SS at #49 (Bogaerts) but there they were to get the night rolling. After that, it was mostly cruise control.

2. Where did you end up strong?

The offence is top-3 and the closers are top-3.

3. Where is your team weak?

Starting pitching remains a question mark.

4. Do you like your team? Why or why not?

Yeah. I think it’s resilient. Injuries will kill anybody but other than Encarnacion and Price I think I can absorb injuries better than most teams.

5. Thinking more generally about the draft, what surprised you or didn’t go the way you expected?

League rules devalue catchers and outfielders and so I thought both positions would be pretty much ignored until the 15th round. By the 10th-12th round they were flying off the board to the point where there was almost a drought. You could still find guys, but that made me put it off ’til later and load up on closers instead. I was leaning toward punting saves, but decided it was better to fill up.

I was also a little surprised at just how well the Yahoo rankings were followed by the league even though in many spots they were absolutely shit. I expected some of that but not so much. Maikel Franco was “there” for me at #82 because Yahoo called him #126–despite just about every other rankings source having him top-50. Mendoza got Michael Saunders with his last pick because Yahoo had him #1185. Sure, Saunders has a terrible health history, but no presently-starting corner OF in the majors should be #1185, ever. And so on.

6. Who has the strongest team?

Everyone else says mine’s the best, so I’m not one to argue. Looking around, I really like Nookie’s team.

7. Is there a team you look at and wonder what on earth that owner was thinking? If so, what’s so bad about his team?

Dutch Boy’s team is just sad. Three moderate reaches to start (Arenado, Votto, JD Martinez) from the 5-hole with better talent available and it never recovered. Russell Martin in the 8th, Jay Bruce in the 10th, and most of his last ten picks can’t help him. I guess it’s back to me and Mendoza holding his hand next year.


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  1. Shaggy permalink

    What source has Franco top 50? I’m just curious because the source you sent me for ADP the other day has Franco at 89 with the earliest he was picked being 45 and latest 142 with an average of 93.

    • I don’t give up my best source set, sorry.
      2013: GoGo “early”
      2014: Abreu “early”
      2015: D. Gordon “early”
      2016: Franco listed top-50…
      …all from the same source set…

      100% it’s not Fangraphs.
      Nope, definitely not Fangraphs Steamer/ZIPS/Pod/Birchwood
      Don’t waste your time with the Fangraphs site

      • Shaggy permalink

        So one other source not “just about every” other source. Where’s the journalistic integrity in this world! Ah I know…CNN and Fox!

      • Been to the site?

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