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Shaggy–Mendoza Deal

March 31, 2016

Shaggy gives: Matt Moore, Roberto Osuna, Drew Storen

Mendoza gives: Corey Dickerson, Jeremy Jeffress, Chris Carter

In this year’s most lopsided deal to date, Mendoza gave up entirely too much to bail out on Brewers and pick up more Jays. Mendoza writes in his own defence:

Up to you [if you think I got sodomized]. Got the starter I needed and upgraded the closer situation from a last place team to a top team. Dickerson projects at .260 15 hrs away from [Colorado] and no one would give me anything for Carter.

And yeah, we think Mendoza got sodomized. Chris Carter is OBP-minus, but he’s not OBP-dreadful the way he would be in an AVG-based league. And he’s moving to a band box in Milwaukee.

Colorado helps a fellow, but, Dickerson hit .312 and .304 the last two seasons there. Coors Field ain’t worth 50 pips.

The closer is an upgrade for Mendoza but if he has to hold the handcuff that’s a roster spot better used elsewhere. Other than the Jays closer coming back, Mendoza gets Matt Moore.

Matt Moore, back from TJS in 2015:  12 GS, 5.43 ERA, 1.54 WHIP, 46/23 K/BB

You’re really going to roster that shit, Son?

OK, OK, maybe Corey Dickerson won’t hit in Tampa… but only because he’s not batting against Matt Moore. Seems everybody hits him in Tampa.


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