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Travels With Saget, the Phillies, and Random Scientologists (II)

April 5, 2016

OK, so this is Saget’s “Fuck the Government” set. That’s a perfectly natural sentiment. Not harmless in itself. It’s not like he’s a Senior Officer in the–[SNIP!: GCBL Blog Legal Dept.] Here he goes:

Ghost hunting in Williamsburg,VA…visiting redneck meccas like NASCAR museums (Hudson Hornet was fucking real)….watch American mind-controlled robots guard dead people to keep citizens attention away from assholes on Capitol Hill robbing country blind

…you have to be well rounded…ghosts, Nascar, guarding dead people….damn right





Fuck with the government: my main concern was to avoid butt rape from Abe Lincoln statue. Paul Ryan wouldn’t receive me even though I said I could be a Kim Jong Un lookalike [For the Canadians in the audience, the Speaker of the House is the third most powerful politician in America, give or take–Ed.]





Next: Saget avoids assassins and offers up some ironic garden-variety racism.


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One Comment
  1. Copper permalink

    I think Saget is the Dos Equis man…his life looks way more interesting than Shawns …or mine for that matter.

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