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Shagsters–Saget Deal

April 14, 2016

Shagsters gives: Brock Holt

Saget gives: Kevin Jepsen, Eugenio Suarez

Saget got the ultimate Saget player: Brock Holt, who is eligible absolutely everywhere but a sign of trouble if you need to run him anywhere. Holt is off to a fast-for-him start with a couple HR batting .292, and Rusney Castillo just got sent down so that should provide Holt guaranteed playing time in LF for as far as the eye can see. But even with his minors numbers factored in Holt has never hit 5 HR in a season or stolen 15 bags. He could approach that this year but, who cares?

The ceiling is much higher on Suarez, who hit 13 HR in 372 AB in Cincinnati last year, and more in the minors besides. Suarez played at short last year, but this year has third all to himself as the rebuilding Reds dumped Frazier. So he lacks Holt’s OF eligibility, but do you really want a 5 HR, 15 SB running around your outfield? You don’t.

Saget threw in at-least-temporary closer Jepsen on the 0-8 Twins. They won’t be 0-162 as they’ll play the Jays at some point.

Shaggy did really well here, and Saget is further weakened.



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