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The Trout Trade

April 17, 2016


Assclowns gives: Mike Trout

Shagsters gives: Prince Fielder, Carlos Gomez, Mike Moustakas, Mallex Smith, Kevin Jepsen

Looking a second heavy defeat in the face, Assclowns clearly felt the need to improve, and could have done pretty well here if GoGo snaps out of his slow start. We’re not big on always-big Fielder, but he’s still a top-100 guy and GoGo is too if he figures it out.

So is Moustakas who, minus the position change, looks a hell of a lot like Alex Gordon–highly touted prospect whose breakout just came a couple years behind schedule. We’d rather have Moose than Longoria or Beltre for this season and he’s firmly a top-10 3B.

Smith and Jepsen are interesting lottery tickets each incumbent in useful jobs due to injury. If either hangs on once Inciarte and Perkins return, so much the better.

On the other side is Mike Trout. We’re not trying to bag on Trout who likely just needs a few average seasons to see Cooperstown at the ripe old age of 24. But is he still a top-5, top-10 fantasy asset? He plays on a meh Angels team that won’t elevate his [R+RBI]. Worse:

Trout 2011-15 SB totals incl. minors: 33, 53, 33, 16,11

How badly do you really want that trend line over a Mookie Betts 25/25-type leading off for what should be a better offence, when Betts was going #15-#20 overall? Some, but not so much it hurts. How much more valuable is Trout vs. José Bautista who plays on an even better offence in a key RBI slot?

Trout is probably the best real-life position player in baseball and is a top-20 fantasy pick on the Halos, but he’s 35/10 on an average-minus offence now, not a 40/40 threat on a stacked team.

Assclowns did well here, mark it down. Shaggy paid for Mike Trout 2013.


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