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Cash Bail–Shagsters trade

April 18, 2016

Cash Bail gives: Carlos Correa, Johnny Cueto, Jose Quintana, Kenley Jansen, Ben Zobrist, Curtis Granderson

Shaggy gives:  Mike Trout, David Price, Dustin Pedroia, Oil Can Boyd, Marty Barrett, Wally the Green Monster, an 8-track copy of Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline”

This desk actually prefers Correa to Trout if Trout ain’t running, and Cueto and Price are similar talents. That leaves Pedey, who doesn’t steal bases any more either, going for a fantasy-average starter (Quintana), a top saves guy (Jansen) and average-minus bats in Zobrist and Granderson.

Holy shit Shaggy got a lot.

Even if you say Zobrist makes up the difference from Correa to Trout (we don’t say that, but suppose you did), and Granderson the difference from Cueto to Price (again…), that’s still Pedey for Jansen and Quintana.

And that’s nuts. Pedey’s the third-best of those three players.

In Shakespeare’s Richard III, villain Dick the Butcher schemes “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Shaggy didn’t kill Cash Bail, but he butchered her team.


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