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Freak Mailbag

April 18, 2016


Hi CL,

Any thoughts on where Tim Lincecum could end up….do you think he could pull off a John Smoltz resurrection and bring it for an inning in the 7,8, or 9 for a team like the Giants, Rangers, Blue Jays, Orioles, either Sox team, etc.?


Hi Saget,

Axl Rose finally released ‘Chinese Democracy’ after 11 years and Lincecum will eventually have this ‘showcase’ in Arizona.

Smoltz-like? No. Smoltz had an injury, but his HOF career lacked something Lincecum’s career has had: an extended period of suckage. Could Lincecum work in middle relief? Maybe. 7th inning guy is pushing it.

That said, on a risk/reward basis it makes sense for a team like the Jays, with zero pitching prospects in the high minors, to take a $2 million chance on him. 1.0 WAR on the free agent market is going for $7 million. If you don’t have a kid you can bring up for the MLB minimum to take a shot at a 1-WAR or 2-WAR season, an incentive-laden gamble with a couple million bucks guaranteed makes sense, especially if it comes with a team option for next year at a reasonable cost.

Whether or not Lincecum is interested in starting from the bottom on 10% of what he somehow made last year, well, that’s another question.




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  1. Copper permalink

    I think the Jays will be looking at Hutch or Connor Greene long before looking at a washed up NL starter….although Boston will be looking for something soon I imagine.

    • We’ve hashed this out in private but I’m surprised Jays demoted Greene to A+ when he finished last year in AA and didn’t look out of place. Makes me think Greene is a 2017 callup, not 2016.

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