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Saget–Mendoza trade

April 19, 2016

Saget gives:  Nomar Mazara, Glen Perkins

Mendoza gives:  Mark Reynolds, Gerardo Parra

Well, at least this desk doesn’t need to field calls from Mendoza about how gerardo Parra “isn’t a platoon player”. He’s shipped Parra and is career .596 OPS vs LHP to Saget for stud prospect Nomar Mazara. Mazara actually changed his family name from ‘Mendoza’ (he’s Mario’s nephew… thought it bad luck…) and Pittsburgh has been desperately trying to trade for him… Mendoza had better luck and he’s the jewel of the deal here.

Parra will be OK vs. RHP.

The other names are just kind of sad. Reynolds hasn’t topped .230 or 70 RBI since 2011, which is moderately sad. Perkins has opted for rehab over surgery–whilst we don’t wish surgery, or arm ailments, on anyone, rehab over surgery almost always ends in tears. Oh, and surgery.

So advantage Mendoza as his team has gotten a lot younger and a lot more dynamic.


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