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Massive Three Way Trade

April 22, 2016

DAVID in: E-5, HanRam, Sonny Gray

DAVID out: Bryce Harper, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley


Mendoza in: Bryce Harper, Corey Seager, Chase Utley

Mendoza out: José Bautista, Tulo, Stephen Piscotty, Yu Darvish


Shaggy in: José Bautista, Tulo, Stephen Piscotty, Yu Darvish, Ryan Howard

Shaggy out: E-5, Corey Seager, Han Ram, Sonny Gray

Let’s look at how each guy did.

DAVID got raped worse than one of those medieval chicks on Game of Groans. We know he has a soft spot for HanRam and the Sawx and this might have been an even deal had it been 3-for-1. But Howard and Utley, despite being old as dirt, were combining to be useful pieces this season (Howard brought the power, Utley the OBP). Losing the best player in the deal is OK if you’re compensated, but David didn’t really get compensated since he had to ship away two other guys who were starting for him. Chatbox tells all:

  • Yesterday, 11:14 PM
  • Copper Mendoza Maniacs
    Bye bye Bats and Tulo.
    Yesterday, 11:35 PM
  • DAVID Burger Piows
    Yesterday, 11:35 PM

DAVID stuck for the family-friendly “Nuts” instead of the “Holy Fucking Shit what did I just do?”. At least he’s trying to keep his dignity. God knows how.

Mendoza got the best player in the deal (and probably the best player in fantasy besides) in Harper. Note he holds Donaldson, so that’s both reigning MVPs on board.He also picked up Seager while managing to trade Tulo before the inevitable injury/moping. Darvish is still a ways off and no guarantee. Piscotty’s a nice player but he and Bautista need two roster slots to do what Harper can do in one. A good piece of business.

Shaggy was able to spread the wealth to Mendoza because he ripped DAVID off so badly for openers. This desk would likely have sat tight after robbing DAVID, and sees no point in trading for Tulo anyway, but Shaggy felt the need to pick up an extra piece and balance his team off. He still comes out ahead, but not as far as he might have.



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