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No Trades Please, We’re Crow

April 26, 2016

In the midst of discussing something else, Brendan revealed that he’s not really excited about leagues with trading in general, and was taken aback with the volume of trading in GCBL.

I hate that other teams get better or worse but none of the other twelve teams had anything to do with it,” he wrote.  “There’s been 24 trades involving 117 players and over 200 total moves in three weeks. That’s [a lot] by anyone’s standards.

An interesting perspective. I think the bulk of moves comes down to one or two dedicated streamers and other occasional “I’m-behind-this-week” streamers. The trades follow on from from simply not being able to draft who you like in a snake draft format–especially when so many people respect preseason Yahoo ranks. Whether that’s good or bad, I’m not sure. I try to trade a lot, because I’m eager to try to win.

I’d like to be in a no-trade, limited number of add/drops pool,” Brendan wrote. “Go [to an] auction and we’re all over it [too].




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  1. Copper permalink

    I actually agree with Crow sometimes. This league though has always been set up to be as competitive as possible and has always featured ridiculous player movement coupled with the necessity to react very quickly to MLB roster changes. I think the chaos is fun and challenging to say the least. Trying to pick up a new closer is like a lottery win most times.

    In another format, reduced pick-ups and no trading as well as maybe weekly roster movement would be a very cool league too. From experience though, the more reduced the player movement the less daily involvement of the managers and the less fun for our OCD crowd of guys.


    • Well put–and I think Shaggy makes another point below: if you limit the moves, how does a team ever get back in it? Maybe if you’re last todsay, you’re only 1-2% to win the league. If you cut moves, that approaches 0%.

  2. Shaggy permalink

    Most limited move leagues I’ve seen have half the league checked out by June. I think activity keeps interest even if you’re at the bottom watching the nut jobs trading at the top. And Crow may not like it but to be successful in this league I believe he may need to adapt as teams trade to gain strength and their is not much on the waiver wire.

    • The checking-out-in-June thing is the problem, I agree.
      (Aside: Roto is even worse than H2H.)

      I don’t know how you keep the 11th team interested if it’s 6 moves and 2 trades a week max. It becomes hopeless…

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