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Hardball Times History: Sawx Trade for Doug Mirabelli

April 29, 2016

Full scoop here:

The Doug Mirabelli Trade: An Oral History


Theo Epstein: I was going to call the players involved. I went into my phone, J-o-s-h. J-o-s-h B. I was going to call Josh Bard and tell him he was traded — which is never a fun call to make. So I called him, I clearly woke Josh up. I said, “Hey man, it’s Theo. This is a tough call to make, but we made a trade and I have to let you know that you’re in it.” And he goes, “Really?!” I said, “Yeah, we felt like we needed to get somebody in here who has experience catching Wakefield.” He goes, “Theo, Theo, Theo. This is Josh Beckett. You sure you traded me?” I called the wrong Josh B. in my phone.


Kevin Towers: Our guys that year were big poker players on the plane. Mirabelli lost his meal money every single road trip. The guys were crushed Mirabelli was leaving, because he helped supplement their meal money on the road. We were no longer going to have him on the plane. They used to call it “Mirabelli Bucks.”


Doug Mirabelli: It was about a six-passenger, mid-size private jet that left out of San Diego at about 10:15 a.m. [1:15 p.m. ET]. It was just myself, the pilot and the co-pilot. They came back to tell me, “Look, I think we can make it gas-wise, but if not we’ll have to land.” I’m not sure I really want to run out of gas trying to make it to a game. I’m sure they didn’t either, right?

The pilot said to me after we got cleared over New York, “I don’t even know who you are, but I’ve carried hearts and lungs and never had this much clearance over airspace.” And I’m like, “Well don’t tell them who I am. You go over New York and all of a sudden they’re going to clear us around Canada or something.”


Massachusetts State Police (via a statement): We wouldn’t do something like that again, certainly not with lights and siren. As a public safety agency, that was not an appropriate use of our assets.


Yankees GM Brian Cashman: Didn’t they delay the start of the game?

Mirabelli: They did, like, seven ceremonial first pitches that night. “Here’s Joey from Brockton, going to throw out a first pitch.” They just dragged it on and on.

Cashman: We all heard what was going down. It’s somewhat out of our control. We were just waiting for the game to start. You heard rumblings about it behind the scenes: They were waiting for him to get here, he was getting a police escort.

Mirabelli: I forgot my cup. It was in the police car. I didn’t see it, and it was floating around in the back of a police car. I went through the first inning without a cup, and [before the] second inning I ran in and put one on.


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