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Slumpy–Saget trade

April 29, 2016

Slumpbusters gives: Yasmany Tomas, Huston Street


In a rather lopsided deal Slumpbusters picked up Hunter Pence, Tanner Roark, and Danny Santana.

Yasmany Tomas plays multiple positions but Saget already has, let’s count, 12 (yep, 12) guys who do that, so one more neither helps nor matters. Tomas is likely good for 20-25 HR this year–so what, so is Pence with a better OBP.

If Huston Street gets his job back, it’ll be after he returns from an oblique injury. Best case? A month. If he never gets his job back, he’s a holds guy.

On the other side of the arrangement, Tanner Roark is pitching now, and pitching very well for a winning team. Roark hasn’t allowed a run in his last two starts for Washington spanning 14 IP. At worst, he’s a useful matchup starter, and at best he’s the best guy in the deal. We put him more as useful, right now, than Yasmany Tomas.

Danny Santana is a lottery ticket much like Huston Street. If Byron Buxton learns how to take pitches in AAA, it might be bad news, but consistent smart baseball should still net Santana 12 AB/week between the infield and the outfield.

Slumpy got Hunter Pence for pretty much nothing.


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  1. elramaba permalink

    Santana and roark were free and streamed anyway, fuck pitching….its pence for tomas and angels closer handcuff (I got smith)……pence used to be danny valencia who was traded for dickerson who on turn became pence….fuck tomas 3b eligibility…he is hitting HRs in a homerun park and I have 4 closers now… part from what used to be danny valencia, im good

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