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Shagsters–Dutch Boy Trade

May 14, 2016

Dutch Boy gives: Nolan Arenado, Carlos Carrasco

Shagsters gives: Jose Quintana, Jake McGee, Stephen Piscotty, Jake Lamb

Dutch Boy can get a head start on the fantasy football season as this move has killed off his baseball team for good. Yes, he had to do something. Yes, my Russian mother-in-law, who speaks no English and can’t tell baseball from cricket, could have gotten a better deal.

Nolan Arenado is worth those four by himself, and potentially more. Jake Lamb is going to hit 15 HR this year; Nolan Arenado has hit 13 already. So what’s the make up vs. three well-chosen waiver wire guys?

Jose Quintana is useful; Curacao has rostered him just about annually. No, he won’t continue with a 1.38 ERA, but should pitch to the low 3.00s. That’s quite helpful, even in today’s landscape where 3.50 has gone from “very good” to “fine”.

Stephen Piscotty will be another 15 HR from the outfield, which is marginal, but is OBP-plus so that’s a piece worth keeping.

Jake McGee has 10 saves in Colorado, but his 1.39 WHIP screams for a Fernando Rodney award. Despite the 10 finishes, most major websites have him on deathwatch for ninth inning duties. Will the next guy closing at Coors be any better? Unlikely. But it’s not a job anybody keeps.

All in, a fair deal for Arenado…

…but there goes Carlos Carrasco too. Yes, Carrasco had to go, but even if he’s not back for another six weeks, Dutch Boy extracted too little here to just lump Carrasco in. This one’s short-term even, long term loser for Dutch Boy, when he needed to be a short-term winner.

Maybe he can draft Gronkowski in August.


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