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More Saget Camping (I): Why God, Why?

May 24, 2016

Lots more photos after the jump! Where’s the beef? Click through and see.




Cow:”WHAT are you lookin at Saget? Bby the way, camping in the rain sucks….moo”


“Symbolic of Matt Harvey’s pitching this past week….torched” [Go fuck yourself, Saget–Ed.]




Saget the cow whisperer:tried to wave down some locals but they wouldn’t stop for Saget. …called 911…..told them they need to fix someone’s fence or someone was going to make some McDonald’s quarter pounders with their truck



No wonder no one take my cow emergency seriously….I probably look like ┬ádirty Mexican to these backwoods Trump voters. …I’m lucky I didn’t get shot:20160521_193849.jpeg

Next time: ‘Nam has nothin’ on Antietam!


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