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Shagsters–Mendoza Trade

May 26, 2016

Shagsters gives: Troy Tulowitzki

Mendoza gives: Corey Seager, Adam Conley

This comes with Tulo’s “day-to-day” quad injury lingering.

We’d rather have the two young guys in this deal but perhaps Mendoza was rolling the dice here on something not explicitly included in the swap: Many of the Jays stayed late for interviews Tuesday night with Bob Nightengale after losing to the Yankees. Piece here:

and when you read an article like that you wonder if the Jays are going to start dogging it and going on the DL. Well the Jays won big Wednesday, so Mendoza likely has instant visions of Tulo storming back and the Jays topping five runs a game again.

Despite his slow start, I’d rather have Seager straight up. May has been much better than April, and he’s back on pace for 25 HR. One offensive outburst isn’t going to save the Jays, and while the rotation has been very good, the pen is a joke. (Osuna’s fine. Getting to Osuna? That’s the hard bit.) Come the deadline, Tulo will either be on the DL or waiving his NTC to go back to the US of A.

Still, a stupid premium gets placed on Blue Jays in this league so Shaggy extracted not only Seager but Adam Conley. Conley is a useful-in-spots starter Mendoza found in our somewhat shallower pay league. If Shaggy’s clever enough to deploy Conley properly, this trade goes from being a slight win to a laugher.

At least Mendoza got a Blue Jay.


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