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Shagsters–Saget Trade

May 27, 2016

Shagsters gives: Curtis Granderson

Saget gives: Joey Gallo, Steve Pearce

Not sure what Shaggy’s doing here. Curtis Granderson has had a bad first quarter of the season, but he’s still Curtis Granderson.

Shaggy probably thinks he got the upside. Thing is, Granderson may be the upside guy in all this mess.

Pearce has fought his way into a pretty bad Rays lineup and somehow managed to hit 7 HR. There’s his upside–he might not hit seven more. We’ve seen false dawns before with Pearce in Pittsburgh and Baltimore. By now, he’s a 33-year-old with 60 HR since debuting in 2007. Some guys just have a final ceiling that says Quadruple-A.

Then there’s Joey Gallo. At least Pearce is playing. The Rangers called Gallo up on Monday, and despite his positional versatility and the AL’s DH, in four games he’s gone 0/1 as a pinch hitter…and that’s all. How that’s supposed to help his evelopment, or the Rangers, or Shagsters, you tell me. Send him back to AAA to play every day.

Sure, Granderson needs to turn it around. But he’s staying patient (.199 AVG but .297 OBP) and his .222 BABIP tells us he’s been unlucky. Granderson’s the get here, for two players Shaggy might eventually have to cut.

I’d rather have Yangervis Solarte than any of them, but never mind. (I do.)



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