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Star Wars Night at Harbor Park

May 30, 2016

I was actually here about 15 years ago to watch a game. Great spot. As Saget points out, repeatedly won MiLB park-of-the-year in 90s, dimensions set to mimic O’s Camden Yards so the call-up goes a little smoother. This first batch of photos consists of Star Wars night, and the last photo in this set has actually gone viral on Curacao since I forwarded it on yesterday. All will be explained after the jump.


Saget thinks he’s in a playoff spot in our league because he’s embraced the dark side. To be sure, the place was swarming with Imperial forces large and small.










OK so let’s get after this. They did some Star Wars stuff related to the game too:


They introduced the home players on the big board, but instead of using their faces, they used Star Wars characters. Chris Parmelee:


Nick Swisher 0/4, 2K, bitched at the ump:


Pete Kozma, yep he sucks:


Yaz’s grandson:


Which brings us to courtesy signing Sharlon Schoop. Inked as a favour, of course, to brother Jonathan. Sharlon’s gotta be nearly 30 now, and hasn’t made the show as a futility infielder. Ten years ago, when this writer left Curacao, there was potential. Five years ago, there was hope. Today, Sharlon is still chasing the dream, and this writer and everyone on Curacao hopes he gets at least a cup of coffee. For now, with his power long missing and his unwillingness to turn a DP in the face of a hard sliding runner well known, old Sharlon is being reminded he throws and hits like a girl:






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