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Mailbag: Jays at 1B

June 2, 2016

Hi CL,

Toronto…big hole at 1B

Blue jays GM….before trade deadline, should trade for

1) Chris Carter

2) Brandon Moss

3) Mark Reynolds


none of the above will happen?


Hi Saget,

No, I don’t think those will happen.

First, the Jays are waiting for juicer Chris Colabello to come back instead of cutting bait.He’ll be bad, but he’s their guy.

Next, both Bautista (speaking of juicers) and E-5 can play there. If the Jays are looking for a rental option, a 1B is one answer, but an OF is too… just shuffle Bautista into the infield.

Next, the Jays have more pressing needs, specifically the bullpen.

Last, as Jays Prez Mark Shapiro showed in Cleveland, the Front Office doesn’t really give a shit if it makes the playoffs–or at least won’t take on salary to do so.

The move is to call the Braves front office, which has no idea what it’s doing, and trade four prospects for a bitter, dejected Freddie Freeman. Freeman in owed $105M from 2017-21 with only a $12M salary this year, so he’s no going to be longer cheap and the Braves would surely rather get prospects. But that won’t happen either.

Thanks for writing,



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