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This is what turns Conspiracy Theories into Reality.

June 7, 2016

I’m a slow learner but even I’ve picked up some shit since getting married to a Russian spy. The world’s a lot more connected than you think, Comrade. The key is separating out the wacko shit from the stuff that’s real, the stuff people say when they let their guard down.

There’s an ongoing idea in our league, mostly advanced by the teams I allegedly control but also by others, that whatever Mendoza is up to as the Dirty Commish, he ultimately takes his orders from DAVID. Lots of people dismiss that because DAVID seemingly doesn’t get what he wants often enough. OK, so there’s an argument for both sides.

But then DAVID posts stuff like this, in response to a video Saget posted in what is now forever Kim’s Milkshake Thread. 100% unedited etc.:

video not available in Canada, eh. wtf? Copper!!!
what kind of league is this?


Hhhmmm. I read that as the Puppetmaster telling Mendoza to get up in the middle of the night and make that video available, fucking pronto. I’m not sure how it can be interpreted otherwise.

The video’s still not available, and this desk isn’t sure what the consequences are. Hope Mendoza’s OK.


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