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Mailbag: Saget and Streaming

June 14, 2016

Hi CL,

What the hell is wrong with Saget? Why does he make dozens of moves a week? Is he a fucking 10-year-old?

All Questions

Dear Questions,

  1. As to what’s wrong with Saget, well, these blog posts are limited to 10,000 words each, so look, just call me.
  2. The moves strategy is called “streaming” or “streaming pitching”. Google it. The short version is you allocate all your resources to hitting and just continually throw garbage pitchers from the waiver wire. You generally lose the ratio categories but you win W/QS through sheer volume, and hope your hitting carries you through. He’s been doing it for years. He’s won the league.
  3. Born of February 29 (of course he was!) Saget is indeed ten years old. Photos from his birthday party below. I think he went to Chuck E. Cheese’s to celebrate.

Thanks for writing,












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