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Mendoza–Shagsters trade

July 5, 2016

Mendoza gives: Michael Saunders, Nomar Mazara, Drew Pomeranz

Shagsters gives: Jose Bautista, Carlos Carrasco

Live Commentary via messenger:

Shawn Y:

Look at you, trading with bottom-licker

Nice job geting Carlos Carrasco liberated from Dutch Boy

+1 (902) xxx-xxxx:

I think I did pretty good trading two waiver guys and a 30 round pick.


Yes folks, yes he did. And he processed it pretty fast. This desk can only surmise that this deal was The Rest Of The Payola for the awful ripoff of DAVID that Shaggy perpetrated early in the season.

Either that, or it’s been 4:20 at Shaggy’s house all day long.

In one fell swoop Mendoza is once again the team to beat, and whatever hope Shaggy had has, well, gone up in smoke.

I must react. If anyone wants a Korean rapist, get in touch.

GCBL PSA: For the casual readers, “Korean Rapist” refers to Jung-Ho Kang, who I’m rostering, NOT Saget. We have a lot of Korean content on this blog and it’s imperative not to get it confused.



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