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Bat Weights, and the Baiting of DAVID

July 13, 2016

Went out with Mendoza and Dutch Boy last night for the All-Star game to that place where the beer is flat but the barmaids aren’t. Bit of a drag as with Dutch Boy in last or whatever we couldn’t really talk fantasy baseball, so the two of them talked about their slob-ball teams all night. So-and-so is batting .820 with a 2.650 OPS. So-and-so had a baby. Well whoopdey-do.

I checked out entirely when Dutch Boy started arguing that a 27-ounce bat is heavier than a 33-ounce bat “because it has a one-ounce load”. Thinking to myself, Ok, so it’s a 28 ounce bat? How is that heavier than a…?, I drifted toward the big screen while Mendoza tried to explain the concept of weight to our dim companion.

I did check back in for a discussion of the demise of the GCBL chatbox and Mendoza’s shocking confession that he uses the Commish Note to bait DAVID into getting agitated and responding. This is shocking not in that he does it. I think it’s common knowledge that every word in the Commish Note is carefully chosen and edited. What is shocking is that he admitted it when this desk gets abuse at least annually from Mendoza for pulling the same shit.

There was further talk about bringing Frodo back into the league next year. There was no talk of asking Frodo if he knows what an “ounce” is.


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