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A Free Agent’s Intrinsic Value to a Team

January 9, 2017

This writer spent much of the early winter trying to convince Mendoza and DAVID that the Jays should pay whatever it reasonably takes to resign Edwin Encarnacion even if they had to overpay for stats. Why should they? Because as the Face of the Franchise(tm), he brought extra value to the Jays.

Of course, I’m an amateur at making the argument.

Yoenis Cespedes’ agents, Brodie v. Wagenen and Kyle thousand, ae the pros. Dig it, via James Wagner’s piece in the New York Times:


“With the help of an analytics firm in Chicago, they came up with a dollar figure for the impact Cespedes had on the field, social media, team television revenues, and ticket and merchandise sales.

“They even put a figure, $3.2 million, on the value of the approximately 50 tabloid back pages that had featured Cespedes over the course of 2016. Cespedes playing with flair, Cespedes hitting game-changing home runs, Cespedes driving exotic cars in spring training, Cespedes arriving for a workout on horseback….”

“The message was clear. The Mets, who play in a big market but are restrained in their spending, could afford an expensive — at least for them — new multiyear contract for Cespedes, arguably the most dynamic baseball player in New York. They would make it back, and more.”


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