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[Guest Blog by President-Elect Donald J. Trump] Predictions

January 13, 2017

Unknown.jpeg     The man himself, the 45th President of the United States.

I wasn’t going to write this as I’m pretty busy these days but CL’s wife strongly suggested I give him a guest post and things generally go much more smoothly if I take Svetlana’s suggestions.

I’m going to get to the predictions in a sec but CL wanted me to send out a shout out to a guy named Dutch Boy. I seriously hope Dutch Boy is here legally or we’re sending him back, OK? I love immigrants but they need to be legal. Anyway, Dutch Boy, this really is me writing about this. I’ll be tweeting about it today @realdonaldtrump. Check it out. No fake news on three sites: Fox, Breitbart, and GCBL Blog. I WILL tweet about this, TODAY.


CL is going to end up with the #1 overall pick and he’s going to make DAVID pay for it. This is going to be even harder for him to do because he traded away his first three picks to Shaggy, see, he makes bad deals. If it was me, I’d make good deals, make his team Great Again, but anyway. CL is going to get the #1 overall pick, DAVID’s going to pay for it, and he’s going to take Clayton Kershaw.

…speaking of which…

Clayton Kershaw is going to return top-5 overall value, again. He’s a sure thing. You can gamble on the flavor of the month… who is it, Mookie Betts? And maybe that’ll work out, OK? But Clayton Kershaw is GUARANTEED to return first round value, usually top-5 value.

Dirty Commish is going to win the league again. Nobody’s figured out his sneaky little shell game. Well, I have, and I’ll tell it to you: Dirty Commish uses the Curacao/Nookie stuff as some type of Benghazi sideshow while he stealthily goes around ripping off Shaggy and DAVID and nobody pays attention. Oh and the year after Dirty Commish missed the playoffs –missed the playoffs– he unilaterally changed the category from (Saves plus Holds) to just Saves. If he gets off to a slow start this year, by June there’ll be a new rule that K’s by a pitcher whose name starts with K count for three Ks. Three Ks. I kind of like that.

Edwin Encarnacion will deliver first-round value. I would say top-7, but let’s be conservative and say first-round. He’s going #22 in NFBC so you likely only get one shot at him, but tsake it.

Zero, ZERO of the Washington Nationals in the first round of ADP (Scherzer, Harper, Turner) will deliver first-round value. Drain. Your. Swamp of Nationals players. These guys will all disappoint. They might all be top-50, but none are top-20 at season’s end. If you’re looking for substitutes, Syndergaard beats Scherzer, Marte beats Harper, and Carlos Correa (he’s here legally) absolutely buries Turner.

See you closer to the draft,




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