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Mailbag: WBC WTF?

January 18, 2017


World Baseball Classic…What the Fuck! Should I avoid drafting these bastards who may break down later this season from the extra mileage?

Dear Saget,
What a nasty slant you are that is on the Antillean players playing for The Netherlands. The team is The (Kingdom of the) Netherlands, not just Holland. The Netherlands includes Holland (the part in Europe with all the white folks) and the Antilles (the islands in the Caribbean). And everyone’s very fucking sensitive about that, OK? So sensitive, we’ve included a couple token white guys on the team.
I’ll also take the other side of the “don’t draft the WBC guys” argument. I don’t think there’s any extra wear and tear vs. ordinary Spring Training, even if you’re a veteran who blows off the long bus ride games in Florida. If anything, a few games where you’re giving a B+ effort instead of the usual Spring Training bullshit should get you sharper for the regular season.
Thanks for writing,

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