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Mailbag: Steve Pearce, Padres

January 27, 2017


Is Steve Pearce really the starting LF for the Jays?  Is “BJ” Upton the wild card?

Quoting the construction guys from the movie “Major League” in regards to the Padres…

“Who are these fuckin’ guys?”
I recognize Myers and Solarte and that’s about it.


Hi Saget,

It’s early, but the betting is that Pearce will see most of his time at 1B, pushing Smoak to the bench as Morales gets the DH at bats.

LF is a mess with Ezequiel Carrera and BJ setting up as a poor time share, but maybe Dalton Pompey comes good, or they sign somebody.

But who the hell knows. Pearce is 33 years old and has never hadd 400 PA in a single season, not even in all those years in Pittsburgh when the Bucs were worst-of-the-worst.

If the situation in LF becomes a dumpster fire to the point where they think Smoak is better than whatever’s out there and Pompey is not the guy, Smoak gets more time at 1B and yeah Pearce to LF.

As to the Padres, ball park or no ball park, that rotation could be historically bad. Best quip I saw was Fangraphs’, who wrote that “in signing Jhoulys Chacin, the Padres land their Ace”.

Thanks for writing,



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