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Mailbag: Brad Miller

January 31, 2017

7162.jpg     The man himself.

Hi CL,

In your shortstop article, you didn’t mention Brad Miller. 30 HR last year! AND he’s going to play 2B, so he’ll have 1B, 2B, SS! Are you holding out on us?

Suspicious Mind

Dear Caught in a Trap,

The Book has him in Tier III with Tulo, Semien, etc. This was his first year with big power, and his peripheral stats don’t support it.

Worse, he fell off the table vs LHP in the second half (.623 OPS) and if that doesn’t bounce back (peripherals say it won’t) he could start sitting regularly against southpaws.

Mendoza actually compares him to 3x All-Star Brady Anderson, who hit 50 HR in 1996 but in a 15-year career only hit 20 two other times.

A 30-HR season is still worth something of course. Maybe he goes a little ahead of Tulo (10th roundish?) with the extra position eligibility but at least with Tulo you know the 20 dingers are more or less guaranteed.

Thanks for writing,



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