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Twins Blow It on Blog Fave “Ace Power!”

February 3, 2017

8624.jpg     Byung-Ho Park, DFA’d today by the Twins. ACE POWER!

I’ve had a peek inside two MLB front offices in recent years, and come away thinking “fuck, these guys are really smart”.

Let me assure you, neither of these organisations were the hapless Minnesota Twins.

OK, Park had a pretty hideous transition to MLB last year, with the second half wiped out by a finger injury:

Park, 2016: 215 AB, 80 K, .684 OPS, 12 HR, .191

Park, 2016, including MLE from high minors: 331 AB, 110 K, .655 OPS, 19 HR, .187

That ain’t pretty. But he’s only owed $8.75 million total in 2017-19, with a cheap club option for 2020. So he had a bad four months… who gives a shit? He’s cheap, and there’s no way in hell the sad sack Twins have 20 better bats on their 40-man roster.

This, right here, is all the evidence you need for why the Twins compete for last in a five-team division every year.

They’re going to have to eat most of this contract anyway if he signs elsewhere for the minimum, or they’re going to have to eat it all… they should have given him 2017 to see if he could rediscover the 30-HR-equivalent power he had in Korea. Low risk (the Twins aren’t going anywhere this year anyway), potential of real reward.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.


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  1. 85DowntheCrow permalink

    Maybe it isn’t entirely about production? Korean superstar struggles for the first time in his life, can’t handle it and becomes a dick to deal with for management and teammates alike. Better to pay a few million in a buyout than deal with a crappy clubhouse attitude.

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