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Mailbag: Messed up Yahoo Rankings

February 4, 2017

Hi CL,

As you noted before, there is a discrepancy in the players ranking and O-rank in the FA pool and their pre-draft rankings when you try to set up your pre-draft rankings incase the power goes out or whatever the F.., what the hell is wrong with yahoo?  Where is Trea Turner gonna pop up on the queue during the draft? Is he #14 or # 29…F#@&!


Hi Saget,

If you’re waiting for me to tell you when Yahoo will make sense, you’ll be waiting awhile.

A ray of hope: Mendoza did a mock draft. He said that one of the ways on there to auto-arrange players made sense. Maybe he’ll chime in with the answer. X-rank or X-factor or X-something anyway if you want to go and look for it… if I remember right.

Thanks as always for writing,



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One Comment
  1. Steve permalink

    Use the adp setting in the draft room. It’s the closest to reality.

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